Your Event

To ensure you have the best day possible, leave your children in our capable hands and we will keep them safe, stimulated and entertained.

If any of the children enjoy playing with any particular toy or have a favourite activity they love to do, then please let us know and I can arrange for us to make this happen. Therefore making the child's transition into the KidzPlay environment much more familiar.

If your wedding follows a particular theme we can also mirror that by doing activities and playing games so the children feel that they are part of your special day.

On your set date at your chosen venue, we will arrive an hour before to transform an allocated space into a safe haven, full of age appropriate toys and activities. Creating a separate baby area, a home corner, with a kitchen for budding chefs, small world toys, dolls house, construction, floor based toys such as Duplo and Lego and also books for when a quiet time is needed - The list of toys we can provide is endless!

We also provide a craft corner for your young artists to create a work of art! This can range from creating treasure boxes to t-shirt printing. Aprons will be provided if the art is messy. 

We also have a range of toys for older children, Star Wars ships and figures, polly pockets, batman/spiderman figures and accessories. Again our resource of toys is endless.